Podcast #106: Should an Investor Get a Real Estate License?

Two common questions that people ask me are, “I’m an investor. Should I get my real estate license?” and active agents asking, “What is it like working at Your Castle with their investor focus?” These are great questions! They are the ones that I asked years ago as I was transitioning into real estate.

Jeremy Lambert, Director at Your Castle Real Estate, joined me in the studio to discuss this topic. Jeremy works with many of the agents at Your Castle and is a wealth of information. He’s also had a big impact on helping me launch my agent and investing business.

We discuss: (1) Should an investor get a license? (2) Business vs investing (3) The time and money it takes to become an agent (4) The attrition stats of real estate agents (It is high!) (5) Details on my story and how I ended becoming an agent

Podcast #105: Multifamily Underwriting w/ Terrance Doyle

Terrance Doyle joins me for this episode to discuss how he underwrites multifamily properties. If you’ve listened to previous podcasts with Terrance, then you know over the last 18 months he’s switched his business model from flipping single-family homes to acquiring multifamily to reposition them.

Terrance owns over 250 units in Des Moines, Iowa and over 100 units in Denver. He’s also invested in Texas, South Carolina, and Kentucky.

Podcast #104: Syndication Basics

About every week someone asks me about syndications or tells me they are getting into real estate syndication. I wanted to learn the details of syndication deal structuring for my own knowledge and for other investors. I asked Lucas Miller with Bannock Capital to come on to share specifics.

No, I’m NOT becoming a syndicator, nor putting together any deals, nor investing in syndications. Rather, I wanted to learn the deal structure to better understand the potential returns and who it might be a good fit for. If you’re short on time, want to be hands-off or looking to invest outside of Denver, it might be worth looking into.

Connect with Lucas at https://www.bannockcapital.com/