Podcast #76: February 2019 Denver Roundup

Joe Massey and I just wrapped up the February 2019 roundup webinar (our monthly “let’s grab a virtual cup of coffee and talk Denver real estate investing.”) We covered:

  • February 2019 Denver real estate market update
  • Deal Analysis #1: Single Family House Hack in Lakewood, CO
  • Deal Analysis #2: Single Family House Hack near Belmar in Lakewood, CO

Podcast #75: Cory Brightwell of Chuze Fitness

In this episode I speak Cory Brightwell, who is the Co-Founder and CEO of Chuze Fitness. It’s not our typical podcast episode! The opportunity came up to speak with Cory, which I jumped on. I asked him to discuss two main areas:  How Chuze Fitness does the site selections for their gym locations as they […]

Podcast #74: Colorado Loan Hacking w/ Seth Van Essen

If you’ve listened to any of our webinars or podcasts, then you know how crucial it is to understand financing and how it can be leveraged to your advantage.  We’re constantly meeting with lending professionals to find the right ones who can help our clients with creative financing strategies. Recently  we met with Seth Van Essen, a senior mortgage banker at Community Banks Mortgage. Seth has some of the most creative lending strategies that I’ve seen.In this webinar, Seth will give you insight and understanding into the lending world and how to “Loan Hack”.Some of the topics that we’ll cover:

  • The four types of lending platforms and why it matters.
  • The different kinds of lending- what category works for your goal or do you need them all?
  • Lending scenario #1: 100% financing by combining different loan products.
  • Lending scenario #2: Wrapping up fix-up costs into a loan, but not using a FHA 203k
  • Lending scenario #3: Buying a house for cash by using existing equity or stocks (and other assets) as collateral.
  • Getting prepared- start sooner rather than later!