Podcast #60: Denver Market – Slowdown or Seasonality?

A lot of people have asked, “What’s going on with the Denver market?” Is it a slowdown or is a combination of seasonality, election hangover, and short-term reaction to increasing interest rates? Or, who knows what other combination of factors.  Data shows that the entire US

Frankly, I don’t know what’s causing it. REColorado released their stats for October 2018 and there were 8,502 active listings on the market, compared to 6,316 in October 2017. That’s a 34.6% increase!

Podcast episode #60 dives into recent data and also compares it to historical data.  Since it references PPT slides, I also recorded a YouTube video version. Feel free to email me if you want the slides.

Denver Real Estate Market Update – October 2018

There are some changes happening in the Denver market! REColorado (local MLS), released numbers for October 2018. I annotated (red box) of month-over-month market updates from Oct 2017 to Oct 2018. Active listings in October are up 34.6% in Oct 2018 over Oct 2017. That’s a 34.6% increase! Properties under contract are down 13.2% (6,062 to […]

Podcast #58: Hard Money Lending w/ Justin Cooper

In this episode, we sit down in the studio with Justin Cooper. Justin is a hard money lender with Pine Financial. If you’re a regular podcast listener than you’ll recognize Justin’s name! He’s been on previous webinars and podcasts discussing deals and the Denver market. For this podcast, I asked Justin to speak specifically about […]