Charles Roberts’ Investing Strategy

I started investing in Denver real estate 20 years ago. I was 30 years old at the time and had absolutely no experience in real estate, I just figured that owning property for the long term made sense. It was the best financial move I ever made! Let’s talk about my investment strategy and what […]

Podcast #5: Airbnb and VRBO Short Term Rentals in Denver

In episode #5, Charles interviews Rachel Chaparro about Denver short term rentals (Airbnb and VRBO). Rachel is uniquely qualified to discuss short term rentals. Before becoming a real estate broker, she served current Mayor Hancock as an appointee on his legislative, communications and community affairs teams. Not only does she know public policy, she also […]

Webinar #3: How to Analyze a Cashflow Property in Today’s Metro Denver Market

In webinar #3, Charles Roberts analyzes a property he helped a client close yesterday (Yes – yesterday! August 14th, 2017). He uses Joe Massey’s spreadsheet to analyze the property. We have a detailed discussion of common investing metrics – cash-on-cash, cap rate, and GRM (gross rent multiplier) We had great questions from the audience! What are the […]

Chris Lopez’s Investing Strategy

About two years ago the real estate investing bug bit me. So I did what most people do, started Googling and quickly found 1.9 million blogs, books, podcasts, webinars, courses and gurus on how to invest. I read, studied, listened and absorbed as much possible. I learned a lot, but had two gripes. Gripe #1: […]

Podcast #4: Hard Money Lending with Justin Cooper

In episode #4, Charles Roberts interviews Justin Cooper of the Pine Financial Group. They discuss hard money loans, which can be a great option for both new and experienced real estate investors. Justin does a great job of explaining what hard money is and different scenarios on how to use them. Justin is also one […]

My First Denver Fix and Flip

This might sound odd, but my #1 goal was to not lose money on my first Denver fix and flip. Now, of course, I wanted to make a profit. But, getting hands on education and increasing my emotional intelligence will pay dividends down the road. Not many real estate investors share that goal! During my […]

Webinar #2: July Roundup for Denver Real Estate Investing

The recording of this webinar and show notes are available on our podcast channel (click here). Webinar Description: Join Charles Roberts and Chris Lopez for the first monthly roundup for real estate investing in Denver. The webinar will cover important and interesting topics for the month of July. The topics will range from news articles, […]